Pretty As A Car Crash

I text allegiance to the flag of the United States of American Apparel. And to the facebook, for which it friends, one nation, OMG, indivizzibizzle, with Liberty and Jonas for all.

Enough said.

Home wrecker

I hate feeling like a home wrecker. Legally, he’s still married even though she left him. The divorce papers haven’t been signed. He’s in Afghanistan. 

I swear, I get myself into some deep shit.

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I hate getting random boners

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Miss Me

I can’t FUCKING wait till he gets back from Afghanistan.

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You can post ANYTHING about sex on tumblr, and everyone will be like oh yeah ;) me too wink.

But if you post something about sex on facebook it’s slutty and people are like, ew really mah nigga?


When he continues to lick me out after I’ve orgasmed. All I can do is shake and whimper.

A man who does this without being asked <3

A man who does this without being asked <3